Take away in Le Locle

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Gastronomic take aways in Le Locle

Auberge du Prévoux   
mo - fr, no delivery to be ordered until 10AM same day

La Croisette  
mo - sa, lunch only no delivery; to be ordered until 5pm the day before

La Place aux Brenets 
mo - sa  lunch and dinner tue only lunch  order 30minutes before take away

Crêperie le lion d'Or

wed - sun, lunch and dinner order 60minutes before take away, meals to be heated

Casual food delivery in Le Locle

L’oba   Turkish specialties  
di - sun, lunch and dinner          

Café de la Gare

mo - sa dinner; fr +sa  lunch too

Le Mediterranéen pizza et pasta  
mo - sa lunch and dinner; sun only dinner

Jardin asiatique*  
tu - sa evening

La vitaebella*  
old style Sicilian cooking                

Generous and individual

The Guesthouse has big rooms averaging 35m2 and two apartments (85m2/160m2). The exceptional residential qualities allow you to feel well during short and long stays.

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