Enjoy the Jura hills

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The Jura hills

... are already the Far West of Switzerland, but now they get wilder and wilder. In January even a lonely wolve has been seen, not to speak of the lynx and the chamois.

But don't be worried, when one of my colleagues about to gather mushrooms was surprised by a lynx he just said "calmos!" and the animal left.

Our region offers much more than the tourist sites "Creux du Van" and "Saut du Doubs/Doubs waterfall" especially for guests just wanting to loose themselves in nature.

There are besides walking and grilling plenty of activities for children. We are close to the public swimming pool, to a skate board landscape and a basketball playground.

And don't be worried about rainy days: we need them for the hotel garden! And for you: Otherwise you might not find the time to visit all of the interesting museums in town, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel and Besançon.

Generous and individual

The Guesthouse has big rooms averaging 35m2 and two apartments (85m2/160m2). The exceptional residential qualities allow you to feel well during short and long stays.

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