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Upcoming and past Events

29 December 2023: La Lupa canta "sogni d'acqua" A house concert for guests and friends

"Just as the water flows, we flow in this stream we call life, with our stories, dramas, joys. Our life: flowing dreams, unstoppable. What remains for us? To tell about them with a laughing and a crying eye." (Quote from La Lupa)

2-4 February 2024: Biodiversity in Le Locle: How do we recognize and promote it?

Friday: 5pm - 7pm Public panel event (french) at the Hôtel de Ville, Le Locle. Participants: Councillor Philippe Rouault, biologist Regula Benz, a representative of Pro Natura and of the "jardin climatique" flagship project of the city of Sion

Moderated discussion. Aperitif and soup in the Guesthouse

Saturday: Guided excursions (german/french) to exciting projects in the municipality of Le Locle. We will visit the Joux-Pélichet plenter forest, the cooperative gardens and Pro Natura projects. In the evening, a presentation by Regula Benz (german) followed by a discussion. A meal together, prepared by guest cook Kathrin Baviera.

Sunday morning: Brunch and visit to the nature reserve La Rançonnière, Le Locle (g/f)

23-25 February 2024: Psychedelic Revival

Friday - guest only event in German language at 5 pm: Welcome aperitif; legalization of psychedelic substances in Switzerland? Information and discussion with experts; dinner together, prepared by our house cook Sophie Mauch

Saturday for guests and friends (g/f)

1 - 2.30 pm: Introduction to the perception-expanding method 'Biodanza' with body therapist Elise Ghiringhelli (bring comfortable clothes!).

6 - 8 pm: Drumming according to Celtic tradition with the shaman Jean-Mary and Christiane Grezet, in their old house in Taillères. Soup and feedback.

Sunday . guest only event (g) at 10 am: Brunch and exchange

Past Events: 

Autumn will be colourful and versatile!

The cultural offerings of the city and the region delight our guests - and us - time and again! Here are some examples in which the Guesthouse participates.
(f = French; d = German)

13 - 15 October 2023: "The Joy of Writing" - Workshop with Elisabeth Moser
"Time" is the theme of the writing workshop from 13 to 15 October 2023 at the charming Guesthouse Le Locle, last places are still available. More info at www.textexpress.ch

3 - 5 November 2023: Dream Journeys Part I with Biodanza and Shamanic Drumming (d).
Friday 5pm Welcome apero: Information about the latest from the Swiss psychedelic scene with Claude (psychonaut) and Regula (former psychotherapist). Exchange and experiences. Dinner together.
Saturday (d/f) 1 pm : Biodanza (with the mind-body therapist Elise Ghiringhelli).
Evening : Shamanic drumming with Jean-Mary, Lac de Taillères. Soup
Sunday : brunch and conclusion.
We look forward to receiving your reservation at info@guesthouse-lelocle.ch

10 - 12 November 2023: Storytelling Weekend
After a week-long artist residency at the Guesthouse, the weekend of 10-11 November is all about storytelling, and in keeping with the theme of the exhibition at the Musée des Beaux Arts (www.mbal.ch), "Animal Instinct". For more information and registration: sophie.mauch@praesent.studio

17 - 19 November 2023: Regional geology at the beginning of the Anthropocene (f/d)
Friday 5 pm (f): Worry child Lac des Brenets - a public panel discussion with Urs Eichenberger (geologist), local councillor Cédric Dupraz and stakeholders from tourism.
Saturday morning (d): Excursion to the asphalt mines in Travers with Urs Eichenberger.
Saturday evening (d): How do geologists define the Anthropocene? Discussion and dinner with Helmut Weissert.
For more information and registration: info@guesthouse-lelocle.ch

Newsletter September 2023 - Fresh Season 2023/24: find our programme here (in German/French)

4 February 2023: Bilingual reading with Urs Mannhart, from his book "Lentille. From the life of a cow." Details here (Fr/Ge)

28 January 2023: Hydroponics Workshop – Do It Yourself, how to start your indoor garden today. Details here (Fr/En/Ge)

24 - 27 January 2023: Special Watchmaking-Week

Le Locle and its history are embedded in the theme of watchmaking and time. The Guesthouse is interested in facilitating and promoting behind-the-scenes access.
The Discovery Week is an opportunity to gain privileged access to the mysterious world of mechanics, artists, craftsmen and designers.
Friends, acquaintances and business partners from the region are invited to share their specific knowledge of the industry with us and our guests.

Details see here (in German and French)

13 - 15 January 2023 : Dreaming with and without substances, for details see flyer (de/fr)

9 - 11 December 2022: Anarchism in the Jura

On Friday evening there will be a public screening of the film "Unrue" by Cyril Schäublin followed by a discussion with the director. On the weekend, we will continue the exchange on anarchism and "free" work then and now, including visits to some "anarchist sites" in Le Locle (in German and French).

2 - 4 December 2022: Zen Days, with visit to the monastery

More information to follow shortly.

25 - 27 November 2022: Growing & Flowing - in and around Le Locle

A weekend dedicated the importance of water and the ability to grow food at home with a minimum of water, in Le Locle.

We will investigate the importance of water, its presence and absence in the region, discover its beauty in the current exhibition of Edward Burtynsky at the nearby museum MBAL.ch, and most of all learn about hydroponic gardening, a farming technique to grow food in your home that safes up to 90% of water otherwise used in traditional agriculture with Antonio Scarponi and his system ELIOOO.  

From Saturday or already Friday evening, for those who can arrive early, to Sunday we will follow the flow and, depending on the weather visit the MBAL museum, Underground Mills, Lake des Brenets and the impressive Rocks at Roches des Morons.

With dinner together on Saturday and guided exploration of the fascinating history between agriculture, design and industry of Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds, cost Fr. 250.-, without accommodation. Registration to sophie.mauch@praesent.studio

Newsletter September 2022

Vorfreude auf die Kultursaison in Le Locle (in German only)

13 - 15 May

praesent - studio für kultur I kommunikation I sprache

invites art lovers as well as curious and adventurous souls to the event


see details

April - November 2022

Exhibition on OSKAR TSCHIRKY in the Museum of the Underground Mills in Le Locle

see details

Construction of a City Bypass 2021 - 2028

In Col des Roches, the western end of Le Locle, the construction works for the tunnel bypassing the town have started last year.

See details in French language only

Why not plan your own workshop to be held in the Guesthouse?

Organizers meet special conditions during winter time. Get in contact with us here.

Past workshops 

5. - 7. November "Uhren und Jugendstil"-jüdisches Leben in Le Locle und La Chaux-de-Fonds

  • Philosophy week on the subject of „time“
  • Geological excursion and conference on the evolution of the Jura chalk mountains by geologist Urs Eichenberger from ISSKA
  • Workshop to restore old wooden furniture by the renown carpenter specialist Urs Lareida
  • Workshop on upholstering by Pablo, a professional upholsterer
  • Workshop repairing old lamps and making new from old lamps by Xavier
  • Excursion on the alp pastures to find eatable plants, flowers and herbs (guided tour)


and more

Generous and individual

The Guesthouse has big rooms averaging 35m2 and two apartments (85m2/160m2). The exceptional residential qualities allow you to feel well during short and long stays.

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