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Le Locle has become is a twofold UNESCO heritage site....

.....the first label was given to Le Locle - and La Chaux-de-Fonds - for its historically grown urban architecture guided by the needs of  watchmaking. The second label values the immaterial cultural heritage being its craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking and its art mechanics. This glorious past is presented and explained in various museums and history trails.

See our collection of qualified books and research articles on the regional history and industry. Our aim is to link the interests of our guests with local knowledge. We can help you to find practitioners of various crafts and applied arts. Inform us about your special interests and get direct news about upcoming events here.

Upcoming events


While keeping our feet on the ground this year, we plan for the future. Do the same :).

Why not plan for a workshop to be held in the Guesthouse? Organizers meet special conditions during winter time. 

Get in contact with us here.

Passed events 

  • Philosophy week on the subject of „time“
  • Geological excursion and conference on the evolution of the Jura chalk mountains by geologist Urs Eichenberger from ISSKA
  • Workshop to restore old wooden furniture by the renown carpenter specialist Urs Lareida
  • Workshop on upholstering by Pablo, a professional upholsterer
  • Workshop repairing old lamps and making new from old lamps by Xavier
  • Excursion on the alp pastures to find eatable plants, flowers and herbs (guided tour)

and more

Generous and individual

The Guesthouse has big rooms averaging 35m2 and two apartments (85m2/160m2). The exceptional residential qualities allow you to feel well during short and long stays.

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